Special Classifying machine

for fly ash

6 major technical advantages:
Large capacity / Adjustable particle size / High classifying efficiency / Low energy consumption / Long service life / Intelligent control

Working Principle

The material enters the Classifying chamber through upper part of sorting device. Material falls on the rotating material spreader. Under the action of centrifugal force, it is evenly thrown around. Coarse particles are thrown to the inner wall of the powder separation room under the action of the high-speed airflow of the external fan, loses kinetic energy and slides down along the wall surface and discharged from the cavity at the bottom of the separator. The remaining finer particles are rolled up by the rotating and rising airflow, and pass through the blades of the classification rotor into the efficient cyclone separation, it is collected as a finished product.

Technical Advantages

Large capacity, the maximum capacity of single machine can reach 250-300t/h

Convenient adjustment of the Classifying particle size. The Classifier motor is controlled by a frequency converter. The product particle size is 45μm and the sieve residue can be adjusted between 5-25%

High Classifying efficiency, which can reach more than 80% for materials with good fluidity

Compact structure, low investment, low energy consumption and form a closed circuit with an external fan, simplify the process, reduce investment and installed capacity

Wear resistance and long service life. Ceramic lining is used for the wear parts with high wind speed inside the sorter, Classifier rotor is made of wear-resistant alloy material

Intelligent control, simple operation, one-button start, operators can start their posts with simple training


Ball mill and classifying process for producing fine fly ash.

Combination Classifying process of fine fly ash and ultrafine beads.

Technical Parameters

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