ALPA’s core technology

  • High efficiency selective crushing
  • Low cost superfine grinding and superfine classification
  • Multi solid waste compounding and collaborative cementation
  • Functional modification
  • Inorganic gelation package
  • Mechanical drilling static pressure forming
  • Pressure controlled foaming

The research direction of ALPA

  • Step utilization of steel slag - from superfine admixture to auxiliary cementitious materials and products
  • The step utilization of fly ash from admixture to inorganic filler
  • High value utilization of coal gangue, tailings, red mud, etc-- Stone plastic series and inorganic stone, etc.
  • High temperature slag sensible heat recovery and tail slag ultrafine powder preparation
  • Enrichment and separation of valuable components from metallurgical slag, tailings and lean ore
  • Fine preparation of various bulk solid waste powders and products

ALPA's new technology of industrialization

  • Steel slag color sand, stone paint, putty powder, modified mineral powder, etc.
  • Production of high-performance composite mineral admixtures by multi solid waste collaborative cementation
  • Separation, grinding and modification of fly ash
    Replacement of silica fume, ultra-fine limestone powder, ultra-fine silica fume and other water reducing agents and mineral admixtures by fly ash
  • Fly ash can replace carbon black, silica, calcium carbonate, quartz powder and other inorganic fillers
  • A variety of industrial solid waste preparation of stone plastic and inorganic stone products

Solid Waste Processing Technology

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Classifying and Ball Mill Production Line

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Modification and Coating Process

Surface modification with important practical significance to improve the properties of the powders, increase the practical value and develop the application fields.



Application of steel slag in civil engineering materials

Steel slag specifically refers to the slag discharged during the steelmaking process, mainly refers…

Development Status of Coal Series Kaolin

Coal-series kaolin modification methods: According to different uses, the commonly used…

Research Progress of Fly Ash in Anticorrosion Coatings

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