Sand Making & Color Sand

The slag powder after magnetic separation can be directly screened to make sand, which has many uses.
Colored sand is widely used in architecture and art.

Application Introduction

About Sand Making

The slag powder after magnetic separation can be directly screened to make sand, which can be used for road asphalt concrete, plastering mortar, masonry mortar, bonding mortar, block, brick, wall material and other building materials.

About Color Sand

Color sand can be made by formula coloring and curing after sand making. Colored sand is widely used in the fields of architecture and art. In the field of architecture, it is mainly used for roof (such as asphalt colored tile), wall (real stone paint, etc.), ground (such as color floor, color pavement, etc.), home decoration (such as imitation marble table, color home profile, etc.); in the field of Arts and crafts (such as color sand painting, color Crafts, etc.). With the progress of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, the application of colored sand will be more extensive.

Advantages of New Products

At present, there are two kinds of coloring process of organic pigment and inorganic pigment in the market. Organic coloring is not weather resistant and can not be used for external use, and the cost is high. VOC and other volatiles exist in the production process, which is poor in environmental protection; inorganic coloring needs high temperature calcination and solidification, and the production cost is high. Compared with the similar products, the new product adopts the principle of gelation, and is directly gelatinized, wrapped and cured by using steel slag, inorganic pigment and cementitious materials under the reasonable formulation process. The cost is low, and the raw materials are recycled and the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly. It is a real green manufacturing color product. Moreover, the main performance indexes of the products exceed those of traditional products, including pressure resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

Steel Slag Color Sand Preparation Method-- Composite Gel Method

Preparation Process Route of Solid Waste Based Artificial Color Sand

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