Fly ash grinding and refinement treatment enhance fly ash properties

The characteristics of fly ash determine the utilization methods and value of fly ash. How to enhance the characteristics of fly ash to make it have higher utilization value deserves attention. Research shows that grinding and refining fly ash can enhance its utilization value. Pozzolanic activity is better used in the concrete and cement industries.

The characteristics of fly ash refer to the physical and chemical properties, morphology, structure, etc. of fly ash particles and mixed powder. In addition to the above chemical components, mineral components and particle components, fly ash characteristics generally include apparent color, particle size, fineness, gradation, specific surface area, density, bulk density, moisture content, loss on ignition, Water demand ratio, volcanic ash activity and various other physical, mechanical and chemical properties, especially the important information of uniformity.

The wide application of fly ash in building materials mainly relies on one of the characteristics of fly ash – volcanic ash activity. However, the activity of raw fly ash is generally low, which seriously limits its comprehensive utilization. Research shows that the grinding and refinement of fly ash destroys its layered glass structure, causes cracks and distortions in the crystal, reduces the particle size of fly ash, increases the specific surface area, and makes its active components more likely to participate in hydration reactions. , reducing the crystallinity, thereby significantly improving its activity. The grinding and refining treatment of fly ash can improve its particle morphology to a certain extent, enhance its micro-aggregate effect in material utilization, and improve material performance.

The activity of fly ash is significantly improved after grinding and refining. The grinding and refining of fly ash will not change the phase composition of fly ash, but will reduce the crystallinity of the phase. As the grinding intensity increases, the fly ash particle size decreases and the crystal crystallinity decreases. Effectively crush fly ash microbeads, release internal components such as Ca, Si, and Al, increase the dissolution rate of Si and Al, and strengthen the hydration reaction.

Fly ash grinding and refining processing can use fly ash grinding equipment, which can be used for fly ash grinding and refining processing. The design can be customized on demand, and the fineness can be adjusted steplessly to meet different needs. It has high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, large feed particle size, easy adjustment of product fineness, simple equipment process, small footprint, low noise, low dust, easy use and maintenance, low operating costs, and low consumption of wear-resistant materials. Etc.