Effect of Steel Slag Powder on Properties of Sulphoaluminate Cement

With the development of modern cement concrete technology, the diversification of concrete components has become a new trend. In fact, the diversification of components is mainly based on chemical admixtures and mineral admixtures. Mineral admixtures The addition of cement not only reduces the cost of cement, but also promotes the utilization of waste, playing a role in environmental protection.

At present, Portland cement is often used to prepare high-performance concrete, but there are not many reports on the use of sulphoaluminate cement to prepare high-performance concrete. The reason for the analysis is mainly related to some defects of sulphoaluminate cement itself ( For example, the strength will shrink in the later stage, etc.), so only by solving the main problems can it be beneficial to the development and wide application of this kind of cement. One solution is to add mineral admixtures, the main reason is that it can improve sulfur aluminum The later performance of salt cement can make up for the defect of later strength shrinkage.

Steel slag powder is the main direction of high additional utilization of steel slag. As a kind of mineral admixture, compared with the utilization of fly ash and slag in cement concrete, the utilization rate of steel slag powder is low, and adding steel slag powder to sulfur aluminum There are relatively few studies on salt cement as a cementitious material, so it is necessary to increase the research work on steel slag powder as an auxiliary cementitious material for sulphoaluminate cement.

1) Steel slag powder can be used instead of slag as a sulphoaluminate cement mixture. Steel slag powder will increase the water demand for the standard consistency of the system. When the content is less than 10%, the initial and final setting time of the composite system is slightly prolonged; When the content is higher than 10%, the initial and final setting time of the composite system is shortened.

2) The replacement of cement with steel slag powder will reduce the strength of cement paste. The early strength of 2h cement paste will reduce the strength when the dosage is low, but the strength of 2h will increase with the increase of dosage. The later strength will be enhanced with the addition of steel slag powder, and 10% steel slag powder is the best.