Annual output 300,000 tons of solid waste artificial colored sand project

一、Project background

The use of solid waste to prepare artificial colored sand products has the characteristics of large solid waste consumption and high product added value. The main solid waste includes: steel slag particles and steel slag ultra-fine powder. The product is artificial colored sand. The product can be widely used in fields such as colored pavement, real stone paint, artificial colored stone, etc. Its added value can be as high as 600-1200 CNY/ton, with good Economic benefits and social environmental protection benefits.

二、Project Design

2.1 Production scale

The annual output of solid waste artificial colored sand is 300,000 tons. Annual production time: 6000 hours.

2.2 Raw materials

The raw materials of the project include three types: 240,000 tons of steel slag particles, 30,000 tons of ultra-fine steel slag powder, 25,000 tons of composite cementing materials, and 5,000 tons of inorganic pigments. Total raw materials: 300,000 tons.

2.3 Products

Solid waste artificial colored sand: 300,000 tons/year. The products are mainly used for artificial stone facing and real-stone paint.

2.4 Production process and technical solution

2.4.1 Production technology and process flow

The overall process technology of this project is described as follows: using steel slag particles, steel slag ultrafine powder, inorganic cementitious materials and pigments as raw materials, after “raw material pre-processing-quantitative feeding-powder homogenization-powder packaging-raw material Maintenance-finished product packaging” and other processes, produce qualified products.

2.4.2 Main equipment and system

The main process equipment system of this project includes:
(1) Raw material cache system;
(2) Raw material pre-processing system;
(3) Raw material quantitative feeding system;
(4) Powder homogenization system;
(5) Powder coating system;
(6) Raw material treatment system;
(7) Product packaging system.

The overall process flow diagram of the project as following。

2.5 Project area

The total area of ​​the project is 5000㎡.

2.6 Plant Construction conditions

1) Power consumption: The total installed power is 900kW, annual power consumption is 4.5 million kWh.
2) Water consumption: 12,000 tons/year.
3) Steam: 7,500 tons.
4) Transportation: The existing roads of the manufacturer can be used to transport raw materials and finished products.

三、Environmental Protection

The production line uses electricity no pollutants such as sewage, smoke, solid waste, etc. are generated during production process.

四、Project Schedule

Project construction period is 6 months, including 3 months for engineering design and equipment procurement, 2 months for on-site construction and installation and commissioning, and 1 month for trial production and normal production.


A total of 30 people: quality inspection: 2 people; feeding workers: 6 people, loading and unloading workers: 9 people, inspectors: 6 people, and 7 other public auxiliary personnel.

六、Investment estimation

The fixed asset investment of the project is estimated to be 30 million CNY, of which, the equipment investment is 20 million CNY, the civil construction investment is 6 million CNY, the other investment is about 4 million CNY.

七、Benefit Analysis

7.1 Annual sales revenue: 180 million CNY/year.

After the project is fully put into operation, the normal annual output is 300,000 tons of artificial colored sand, product sales price is 600 CNY/ton (market price 600-1500 CNY/ton), annual operating income is 180 million CNY.

7.2 Total annual cost: 84.588 million CNY.

The total annual cost mainly includes power consumption, labor, sales, management, depreciation, maintenance, etc., totaling 84.588 million CNY. The cost structure is detailed in the table below.

7.3 Annual profit analysis

After the project is completed and put into production, the annual sales income will be 180 million CNY, the annual operating cost will be 84.588 million CNY, annual profit will be 95.412 million CNY. The investment will be recovered in the same year.


After the project is put into operation, it will produce 300,000 tons of solid waste-based artificial colored sand annually. The products are used for artificial stone finishes and real-stone paint. The market capacity is huge and the product sales channels are unblocked. The project has an investment of 30 million CNY, annual treatment of 270,000 tons of solid waste, annual output value of 180 million CNY, new annual profit of 95.412 million CNY. It has significant economic and social environmental benefits and the project is feasible.